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We support entrepreneurs and companies in the prevention and treatment of addiction and mental health disorders.


Innovating Recovery, Life Fulfillment, & Human Performance Since 2005

The Evergreen Fund is an umbrella organization that pioneers new methods to improve mental health and addiction treatment and recovery outcomes.  Based in Los Angeles, the Evergreen Fund is a California 501c3 charitable organization and parent organization to many innovative treatment solution companies including an acute treatment center, a sober living center, a technology company that prevents overdose deaths, a sober companion training program and an incubator for start-ups that aim to improve treatment outcomes.



Our vision is to unlock the full potential of every human who suffers from mental health and substance abuse disorders by using innovative models of care in sustainable communities of recovery powered by wearable technology and AI software.

Leadership Team

Dedication. Expertise. Purpose.

The Evergreen Fund's leadership team is made up of diverse experience and industry sector expertise - well beyond the status quo

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Chief Executive Officer



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Business Development & Outreach Director

Paul Hancock

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Exec. VP & CFO

Michael Silberman

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Institutional & Governmental Grant Director

Jordan Harb

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Evergreen Fund works as an incubator helping entrepreneurs in the recovery community start or grow their businesses. 



Red Door Life supports remarkable people on their journey into recovery

Our mission is to provide exceptional, holistic, and individualized substance abuse and mental health services in first-class locations to remarkable people.


We provide rewarding opportunities to our team members who contribute to the health and welfare of the people, environment, and animals in the local communities where we operate.


Alyce is a revolutionary overdose prevention technology that unlocks human potential


Our mission is to unlock the full potential of people with substance use and mental health challenges by providing wearable technology and software that helps prevents deaths from overdose and suicide, provides biometric insights into human health and wellness, and empowers every individual to live their best lives.


Overdose LA is an organization created to help save lives through the distribution of NARCAN/Naloxone

NARCAN is a potentially lifesaving medication designed to help reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in minutes. Since most opioid overdoses occur in the home and are most often witnessed, having a NARCAN rescue kit nearby can make all the difference.

Overdose LA also distributes fentanyl test strips. Fentanyl test strips (FTS) are a form of drug testing technology which have shown to be effective at detecting the presence of fentanyl in drug samples prior to use.


U.S. Safeguards is a pioneering training and certification program for companions who help those in recovery.

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This program was originally designed for professional caregivers and taught in a classroom setting. 

Our eLearning with robust AI powered online tools allows anyone willing to be a companion to help save lives. College roommates, family members, friends, neighbors, faith community members, teachers, coaches, almost anyone can learn how to provide the kind of support a person needs to fully recover.

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