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Jordan Harb

Institutional & Governmental Grant Director

I am a driven activist with a core focus on mental health and harm reduction. I combine my passion for advocacy with experience in policy, advocacy, and nonprofit development to reduce violence and the impact of trauma.

Having had the privilege to serve as the Field Director of March For Our Lives, I helped grow the organization into the largest youth-led advocacy platform in the nation. One of my proudest accomplishments during this tenure was authoring and securing the passage of legislation that resulted in a $60 million increase in funding for school counselors in Arizona.

Later, as an appointee by the Superintendent of Education in Arizona, I penned pioneering guidelines on school safety, emphasizing the crucial role of socioemotional mental health - a testament to my firm belief that policy changes can and should be an instrument for mental health advocacy.

In 2022, I experienced the pain and anger of losing a loved one to substance abuse. I've carried this conviction into the realm of technology with MyAlyce, a biotech startup that I co-founded. Our mission is to drastically reduce overdose deaths via AI monitoring to detect overdose.

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