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Liz Rhodes

U.S. Safeguards Initiative

Liz is a renowned expert in enterprise learning design and implementation, bringing 30 years’ experience with major associations, corporations, institutions, and government. 

Having lost a son to a fentanyl poisoning in 2019, one day after his release from a premiere treatment center, Liz now supports overdose prevention with the Evergreen Fund and serves on a panel with the DEA, Homeland Security, San Diego Team 10, the San Diego DA’s office, Department of Justice, and CA police teams. She collaborates with Ben Westhoff, author of Fentanyl, Inc., and Dominic Tierno, filmmaker of Dead on Arrival.  


Her background includes 30 years in creating, selling and implementing innovative enterprise training. Recently Liz helped build 35 eLearning courses sold by the American Heart Association including how to administer Narcan. Liz holds a BA in social science and graduate degree in organizational behavior/management and administration from Harvard University. 


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